We rolled in to Valladolid, Mexico, last night at 10 after a three-and-a-half hour bus ride from Cancun. (I found out later there was an express bus that uses the toll road and takes only one hour fifteen but we had missed it). From the bus window, I saw storefronts taped up in X’s to prepare for tomorrow’s tropical storm.

In the morning we visited Cenote Zaci, which is an open-air cenote. Just a few people were milling around. This town is set to handle a lot more visitors than are currently here. The restaurants have a lot of seats. I tried the local sausage, langaniza. It was sweeter than chorizo with a similar consistency.

For dinner, we stumbled upon the best place in town. A little restaurant down a sidestreet with a sign reading “Mr. Taco.” Best tacos in Mexico! Valladolid has so much to offer. We also tasted the local sweet liquor, Xtabentun (pronounced “shta-ben-tune”). It’s a sweet anise-flavored liquor. I bought several small samplers and quickly drained them. Down another sidestreet we found a Mayan chocolate shop. They showed us how the dry and grind the chocolate. They also had an anise flavor, and cinnamon, and the most popular: tequila flavor.

– Rachel

Image of Street in Valladolid

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