Going to Miss This View

Sunset in Belltown

Will you get a load of this view!

It’s been almost six years since I moved into this apartment, and I cannot count the number of sublime sunsets. I’m going to try to count anyway. The quick math says approximately 2000 sunsets total since I moved in. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that on average I personally witnessed at least one beautiful sunset every other week. This is a reasonable figure despite the notorious Seattle gray, considering that the lulls are offset by stretches in the late summer with weeks of nothing but epic sunsets. Even when it’s overcast, the sun can sneak under the cloudcover as it sinks into the Olympic Mountains, creating something like a Rothko canvas of purple black over pink red.  I’m watching the word count as I type this and with the help of my trusty calculator, I can safely say that,  for each word in this post, I have probably seen one perfect sunset from this window. Thank you, Belltown, I cannot repay you. I’m going to try to repay you anyway. This will be hard to leave behind.

– Eric

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