Equal Area Project is Underway

A long time ago we were introduced to a map of the world that made Greenland look the size of Africa. Most of our lives, this was never questioned. Now, we know better. Now, we are going out into the world to measure it by hand. Welcome to the Equal Area Project. We’ll be leaving soon.

Intrepid cartogrophiles

Equal Area Project is Eric and Rachel. We are traveling around the world beginning October 26, 2011.

Starting on October 26, we depart to the Yucatan. From there, we will not relent. Mexico and Ecuador, then on to hit midnight on the dateline for New Year’s, then Southeast Asia, over to the Indian Subcontinent (with a stint in the Himalayas), and finally touched down next Spring in the Mediterranean with no ticket home.

Until then, we’re getting shot up with vaccines and lasers, documenting, calibrating, packing, glowing. We encourage you to pay attention, starting… now.

Gall–Peters projection

The world on Gall–Peters projection. 15° graticule. Imagery is a derivative of NASA’s Blue Marble summer month composite with oceans lightened to enhance legibility and contrast.

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